About Us

Locally Owned and Operated

We are a small local company looking to feed the enthusiast's thirst for performance!

Big Red’s Performance, LLC was founded by automotive enthusiast Big Red in 2015, although the concept of his site had played around in his mind for years. The idea of Big Red’s Performance was to give other enthusiasts a place to shop for quality performance parts with incredible customer service. Not only is BigRedsPerformance.com an avenue to brand name parts for your new found project, but eventually a social connection to other local enthusiasts through gatherings and meets hosted by Big Red himself.

We are a relatively small project looking to build trust and loyalty through our unique “local” touch. Owner Big Red has torn apart and built virtually every vehicle he has owned and is always willing to help a fellow enthusiast. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of vehicles and quality parts. Most parts available on BigRedsPerformance.com are only those hand selected by our staff or through popular demand of our customers. We feel comfortable knowing that we only sell parts that we would happily install on our own vehicles.